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contact about tensha necklace crystal neckline T shirts Swarovski icicle necklace antique crystal pendant crystal and pearl pendant beadangler necklace crystal pins earrings patina pins specials gift certificate links valentine heart gold valentine heart silver $25 group scarves $30 group scarves $35 group scarves $40 group scarves $45 group scarves $10 headbands

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  Sparkle Plenty Handcrafts Home Page

Welcome to Sparkle Plenty Handcrafts homepage!

UNIQUE, ELEGANT, AFFORDABLE GIFTS for the Holidays, graduation, confirmation, bridesmaids, and any special occasion, or for yourself - you deserve it!

We handcraft everything ourselves!


Now -its even easier to pay by check! See below for details


Click to enlarge, view all styles, and go to shopping cart:Tensha Necklace
The floral pattern Tensha bead expresses the peace and tranquility of a Japanese garden.These beautiful 1.25 inch oval Japanese Tensha beads are highlighted with Swarovski crystals and come with diamond cut gold toned 18 inch chain.They are the perfect accessory to wear over shirt/sweater/turtleneck.Only $15 each.

Click to go to shopping cart: Valentine Crystal Hearts
A beautiful pendant made from a magnificent Swarovski Crystal(10.3X10mm) aurora heart (gleaming golden hues on one side, sparkling crystal-blue tinged on the other), makes a fantastic, elegant yet affordable Valentine's Day -or any other day gift! On 18 inch gold tone chain.$8.00;18 inch sterling chain $12.00 Matching crystal heart earrings and pin shown below

Click to enlarge, view all styles and go to cart:Antique Crystal Pendant
We scour antique/estate sales to discover fantastic antique crystals..and turn them into a magnificent pendant for your pleasure in wearing or giving- about 2 inches in length. Don't miss the other 7 styles. Prices: No chain...$18.00 Gold Tone 18" chain...$22.00 Sterling 18" chain....$25.00 matching earrings.....$27

Click to enlarge, view all styles and go to shopping cart:Antique Crystal and Pearl Pendant
Antique crystals combined with shimmering quality glass pearls create a pendant that is both formal and elegant-about 2 inches in length- for that special look. View all our styles. Available with no chain -$16.00, 18 inch gold tone chain-$20.00, sterling 18 inch chain-$23.Matching earrings-$15

Click to enlarge,view all styles and go to shopping cart:Swarovski Crystal Icicle Necklace
Available in several beautiful styles, these dazzling "icicles" are composed of a variety of combinations of Swarovski Crystals from 1.5 to 1.75 inches long. Choose your own colors from the 14 4mm crystals alone or in combination with the 6 6mm crystals shown; Hanging on 18 inch Gold tone or Sterling Silver chains, these slender pieces will be sure to glamorize and be-dazzle m'lady. A unique, beautiful, yet inexpensive gift for yourself or someone you care about. Also availble with quantity discount for bride's-maid gifts - contact us for information Available with no chain -$13.00, 18 inch gold tone chain-$17.00, sterling 18 inch chain-$20.Matching earrings $20
You may also select your own icicle colors from Sparkle's crystal box below- just click on order link page!

Click to enlarge, view all styles, and go to shopping cart:Beadangler Necklace
Enjoy wearing or giving one of our unique glass bead and European crystal necklace sets. They are colorful, full of sparkle, and different. About 1 to 2 inches in length;shown is lavender/aqua crackle glass; also available in crackle glass: purple,pink, fuschia,sea green,aqua/sea mist and white. We also have Christmas necklaces of glass pearls and emerald green Swarovski crystals, or brilliant red Swarovski crystals;or select from an additional 36 bead and crystal combinations and with your choice of no chain -$10.00, gold tone 18 inch chain-$13.00, or sterling silver 18 inch chain-$17.00. Matching earrings-$12.00.

Click to enlarge, view all styles, and go to shopping cart:Patina Pins
Single figure or three drop pins of patina (light weight metal)with Swarovski crystal highlights, in goldtone or silvertone make a beautiful yet inexpensive gift for self, friend or relative, that will be worn with delight.

Single Gray fish;Brown/gold leaves with large crystal;Green Triangles with large crystal; Green tear drops;Mauve/brown tear drops shown here.

Also, fish figure patina pins, encrusted with Swarovski crystals, will swim their way to someone's heart.Single blue fish;Green fish shape;Double brown fish shape;Single tan fish shape. all pins $10 each.

Click to enlarge and go to shopping cart:Earrings
Our patina earrings are handcrafted, and are available with gold tone, silver tone, or surgical steel ear wires. Patina Green Leaves with dew drops of Swarovski crystals;Patina tear drops in rich mauve/brown/green tones with Swarovski highlights;Warm European Crystal Hearts;Patina, small green tone curled leaves with swarovski highlights; Rich Patina Autumn Brown and Gold leaves with Swarovski crystal dew drops;silver gray fish with Swarovski crystal highlights. price:$10.00
Our beaded earrings are handcrafted, and are available with gold tone, silver tone, or surgical steel ear wires. Blue Beads & Swarovski crystals;Purple crackle glass;Leopard spots & Swarovski crystals;Pink ball & Swarovski crystal;Gold glass pearl & Swarovski crystal;Mauve bead and Swarovski crystal;Pink bead & Swarovski crystal;glass pearls & Swarovski crystals;Antique tone glass pearl. price $10 pair

Click to enlarge all styles and go to shopping cart:Crystal Pins
These sparkling European crystal pins look fabulous on blouse, sweater, jacket or scarf. The beautiful 2 inch pins make a great gift for friends, relatives, teacher, etc. and are available in crystal hearts or crystal teardrops.
Either can be ordered with gold tone or silver tone pin. Only $13 each.

Click to enlarge, and go to shopping cart:Crystal Shirts
Wearable art in the form of elegant T-shirts of machine washable/dryable 50/50 cotton/poly with partial necklines or full necklines of handset Swarovski crystals. All shirts available in white, black,sage,hot pink,hot peach,lavender,royal blue - in small,medium,large,x large sizes. Crystals are handset (pronged) and will not come out. Only $15 each.

Sparkle Plenty herself knits many beautiful scarves from varied types of exciting yarns. We ship scarves from current inventory and try to keep the images below current; However, we REQUEST you e mail us before ordering to ensure availability.

Our e mail contact is: c.yockelson@worldnet.att.net

Our current inventory is filled with exciting scarves of varied textures and colors, priced from $25 to $45. To see enlarged picure,order any scarf from current inventory,click on appropriate scarf price page button below:

Sparkle Plenty also knits headbands to keep your ears toasty warm. Knit from the same exotic yarns as her fabulous scarves, they are a bargain at just $10 each. ..

From time to time we also offer "specials" of our beautifully colorful patina necklace and earring sets-lightweight metal with genuine Swarovski crystal highlights: very limited stock availability-first order/first get basis. /
Click to enlarge, see other specials and go to shopping cart:
colorful patina (light-weight metal with antique finish)necklaces with matching earrings; green and blue heart motif with Swarovski crystal highlights-$35 per set
blue/cream Egyptian motif with Swarovski crystal highlights$35 per set.

To see detailed description and enlarged image and to order any of the items we are selling via the internet, including current specials,view photos on linked pages of items above.

All our products are truly unique and make gift items that will surely please and not be duplicated.

We sell all our unique crafts at several shows throughout the year and some via this website.Click on links above to pages showing items we are selling on the internet. If you need a gift or a lift you will want to CHECK THEM OUT!

Prices shown exclude shipping and handling, which is added at checkout by paypal when paying by credit card. We also accept personal checks-click on ABOUT page for details, and for the link to Order By Check Form.

If you would like us to send someone a gift in your name, for a special occassion, or a thank you, or just to add sparkle to someone's life, and would like us to include your personalized message with shipment, then after checking item out, you will be returned to item page-click on order link and simply fill in the recipient's name in the text box on the item's order information form, and include in the same text box any greeting you like, which we will print out and enclose with your gift.

You may also send someone a gift certificate::gift certificate

You may also want to browse Sparkle Plenty's new Jewelry Shop featuring fantastic solid sterling silver/cubic zirconium bracelets, bangle bracelets, sterling flip flop and cubic zirconia pieces for necklace wear and an adjustable sterling silver chain:


Please send us an e mail with your comments and to leave your email address for news about new products,sales,promotions:


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