matching earrings-$20.00.

Choose your own colors from Sparkle's crystal jewel box:

  Swarovski icicle Necklace - Matching Earrings
icicle necklace
  Sparkle Plenty Handcrafts Page of our icicle necklaces Beautiful Swarovski crystal earrings to match and complement your Dazzling "icicles" pendant.

Styles available:Light purple aurora set on stand A-Clear alternating 4&6mm crystals;B-Clear 4mm crystals;C-Clear and smokey alternating 6mm crystals;D-Multicolor 4mm crystals;E-Alternating clear and jet 4mm crystals;F-Clear and light purple alternating 4mm crystals;G-Alternating smokey 6mm crystals and glass pearls;H-Clear and alternating royal blue 4mm crystals, and icicles of pure color from the jewel box.

Wire Style


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