The following jewelry items are hand crafted by us. They are unique, affordable, and are guaranteed to delight!. Just click on appropriate button to order.

Click to go to shopping cart:Earrings
Our 3 piece, overlapping enameled earrings are brightly colored, about 1 and 1/2 inches long and adorned with Swarovski crystals and are available with silver tone, or surgical steel ear wires. Our simulated mother of pearl 3 piece overlapping earrings in tailored tones of grey and silver are adorned with 5mm Swarovski crystals for added brilliance. A dazzling affordable accessory to dress up and highlight your wardrobe! price:$12.00

Click to enlarge,and go to cart:Swarovski cubes of AB crystal pendant
A brilliant pendant set of pure Swarovski AB cystal cubes that pick up all the colors to form a magnificent pendant set- about 2 inches in length. Price: including a sterling 18" chain....$50.00

Click to enlarge, view all styles and go to cart:Antique Crystal Pendant
We scour antique/estate sales to discover fantastic antique crystals..and turn them into a magnificent pendant for your pleasure in wearing or giving- about 2 inches in length. Don't miss the other 7 styles. Prices: No chain...$18.00 Gold Tone 18" chain...$22.00 Sterling 18" chain....$25.00 matching earrings.....$27

Click to enlarge, view all styles and go to shopping cart:Antique Crystal and Pearl Pendant
Antique crystals combined with shimmering quality glass pearls create a pendant that is both formal and elegant-about 2 inches in length- for that special look. View all our styles. Available with no chain -$16.00, 18 inch gold tone chain-$20.00, sterling 18 inch chain-$23.Matching earrings-$15

Click to enlarge,view all styles and go to shopping cart:Swarovski Crystal Icicle Necklace
Available in several beautiful styles, these dazzling "icicles" are composed of a variety of combinations of Swarovski Crystals from 1.5 to 1.75 inches long. Choose your own colors from the 14 4mm crystals alone or in combination with the 6 6mm crystals shown; Hanging on 18 inch Gold tone or Sterling Silver chains, these slender pieces will be sure to glamorize and be-dazzle m'lady. A unique, beautiful, yet inexpensive gift for yourself or someone you care about. Also availble with quantity discount for bride's-maid gifts - contact us for information Available with no chain -$13.00, 18 inch gold tone chain-$17.00, sterling 18 inch chain-$20.Matching earrings $20
You may also select your own icicle colors from Sparkle's crystal box below- just click on order link page!

Click to enlarge, view all styles, and go to shopping cart:Beadangler Necklace
Enjoy wearing or giving one of our unique glass bead and European crystal necklace sets. They are colorful, full of sparkle, and different. About 1 to 2 inches in length;shown is lavender/aqua crackle glass; also available in crackle glass: purple,pink, fuschia,sea green,aqua/sea mist and white. We also have Christmas necklaces of glass pearls and emerald green Swarovski crystals, or brilliant red Swarovski crystals;or select from an additional 36 bead and crystal combinations and with your choice of no chain -$10.00, gold tone 18 inch chain-$13.00, or sterling silver 18 inch chain-$17.00. Matching earrings-$12.00.

Click to enlarge, view all styles, and go to shopping cart:Tensha Necklace
The floral pattern Tensha bead expresses the peace and tranquility of a Japanese garden.These beautiful 1.25 inch oval Japanese Tensha beads are highlighted with Swarovski crystals and come with diamond cut gold toned 18 inch chain.They are the perfect accessory to wear over shirt/sweater/turtleneck.Only $15 each.