SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL ICICLES. For the Bridesmaids in your wedding party: Dazzling "icicles" composed of a variety of beautiful combinations of Swarovski Crystals from 1.5 to 1.75 inches long. Hanging on 18 inch Gold tone or Sterling Silver chains, these slender pieces will be sure to glamorize and complement your wedding. A unique, beautiful, yet inexpensive gift for your Bridesmaids.

no chain...$13 gold tone chain...$17sterling chain....$20

Styles available: A-Clear alternating 4&6mm crystals;B-Clear 4mm crystals;C-Clear and smokey alternating 6mm crystals;D-Multicolor 4mm crystals;E-Alternating clear and jet 4mm crystals;F-Clear and light purple alternating 4mm crystals;G-Alternating smokey 6mm crystals and glass pearls;H-Clear and alternating royal blue 4mm crystals. Also pure icicles, with colors selected from the 10 samples below

ANTIQUE CRYSTAL AND GLASS PEARL PENDANTS Antique crystals combined with shimmering quality glass pearls create a pendant that is both formal and elegant-about 2 inches in length- for that special look. Choose from sample on black display or any of 6 styles below. Available with no chain -$16.00, 18 inch gold tone chain-$20.00, sterling 18 inch chain-$23.Matching earrings-$15

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