Sparkle Plenty Handcrafts Beadangler Necklace Page Enjoy wearing or giving one of our unique glass bead and European crystal necklace sets. They are colorful, full of sparkle, and different. About 1 to 2 inches in length and available in three colors of crackle glass:A-peach, B-green, C-blue; and our Holiday necklaces of glass pearls and D-emerald green Swarovski crystals, or E-brilliant red Swarovski crystals, or select from an additional 36 bead and crystal combinations below and with your choice of no chain -$10.00, gold tone 18 inch chain-$13.00, or sterling silver 18 inch chain-$17.00. Matching earrings-$12.00.

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Chain preference
Purple Crackle Glass and Christmas Colors

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Select from 36 styles of beadangler necklaces:

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